Families are ev'rything : PAPA

Papa passed away 2 years ago.

He left us suddenly in an afternoon after 2 years as a post stroke patient.
During those 2 years of Papa illness, we take care and loving him more than usually. Especially me, I embraced him more than ever. I shaved him, I cut his nails, I gave him much hug, we made funny conversations, I told that I love him, I gave him my attention more than the other time in my life-age in those 2 last years.

And Papa passed away in peace. There’s no frenzied like the moment when Papa got the first attack and we scampered to the hospital; There’s no bustle like the moment when Papa tell a story exclaimed although by unclear words; Papa’s gone and we’d screaming hysterical.

There was nothing in meaning that I can show for Papa yet. My school did not finished yet, there were many plan for doing everything with Papa, but the time’s stop for us. So do to my sister Ari and my brother Adi, even my husband Azwar just going to Jakarta as a Urology Trainee.

Sorrow, I felt sorrowful. I felt disappointed because Papa was taken untimely.
I accompanied Ibu, who’s very sad.

Silent covey of empty and jabbing.

Papa, you’re untimely go.

A lot of matter to recall from Papa, such as kindhearted Papa, very loving and protecting Papa, Papa whose teaching us sincerity and discipline, Papa whose thinking nothing more valuable in this world to be degraded except science which is good for others.

And now, I have finished my surgery school, Pa. Bang Azwar returned from Jakarta too.
He is a urologist, same as you. We both have a nice job to help people in a surgery problems, same as you always thought, taught and done, Pa.

Now we just want to pleasing Ibu and priding upon her. We wish that you are pride for both of us too.

Ari is learning Obstetric and Gynecology, she is in the third term now. Meanwhile Adi is also taking an Academic of Industry Technology term. We know they both will do the best for you too, Pa.

Today is September 16th, it’s your birthday. Your 68 years b'day

I bought a blue cellular phone for Ibu this morning and when I give her, I said that Papa bought it to change the old red cell phone which’s he gave Ibu 6 years ago. Her eyes is full and she said, “Oh my God, I forgot this is his day!”

We sent you an Al Fatihah and wishing you a bright, warm and joyful place in heaven.

Happy birthday, Pa

We love you very much.

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