Families are ev'rything : IBU

The Heaven is on the Ibu palm feet and its compatible if we worship on Ibu, because by making Ibu as a peer, makes her becoming a special priority, respecting of her and listening to all of her advises than we can go to the heaven. Correct?
There are humorous stories between me and Ibu. Sometimes when Ibu said something and I arguing her or adverse her opinion, just await.... not a very long time, then I will get its reciprocation, such as my legs collided by something (ouch ... the pain!) or my business fail, or my mood deteriorate, et cetera So, each time I argue with Ibu, I always try not to against, and terminate it with : "Bu, could we finish the roar, so I’ll not out of luck." Usually it is efficacious; maybe because Ibu is just really being Ibu which remain to love her child, whatever the child behavior. And when I’m in a very important business, or want to pass an exam, I always ask Ibu for a bless.

People say that Ibu is very beautiful once. She is the medical campus flower, somehow. Many boys love her! She is very popular and has a lot of friends; she is a dancing queen, too!
OK, I’m very proud if there’re a lot of praise for Ibu. But sometimes it’s annoyed, when we’re equalizing by people. Sometimes people spell out, "Hey, your Ibu is very beautiful and slender!"
Hum... meaning????
I, as an Ibu’s child, am bad and tubby? Capek deh! Annoyed.... :<

But most of all, I love when my Ibu praised. Just now she's still be beautiful and surely first!

Ibu also an athlete first. She is elaborating on lawn tennis, water-ski and budget (anggar). She was join PON team and visit various province. You know, when I was 3 months age, Ibu go to budget contest during 2 weeks, and snugly when she back home, I don’t want to breast feeding by her again! I just want to drink an ox milk. Fortunately, I did not becoming calf, yes?
Oppositely, when Ibu was very serious in athletics, she was almost drop out from medical school because of not passed some exams.

Ibu is a child and adolescent psychiatrist. She has a lot of patients. The consultancy is take a long time. And it makes another story about Ibu.
Ibu’s private practice is in a clinic at S. Saddang Street. It’s name Medisakti Clinic. Thrice a week. She said, at the first time, she just only once in a while accepted patient, sometimes oppositely just bayao (egg) alias there is no incoming patient even. But now Ibu have a lot of patients because of her assiduity and giving discourse everywhere as a psychiatric. So, to economize the energy, we open particular medical practice at home and hope that Ibu could accept patients at home every evening. But what happen then? The practice room at home is keep silent, because Ibu is not very pleasure with patients that come not on the regular time though the board outside has been mentioned. Especially patients from other district. So that finally Ibu decides keep the private practice in the old clinic. Because in that clinic the patients come on time, do not mess about. And, we still have to accompany her for driving to and from the clinic that is goodly far from house. It’s pity if Ibu drived by herself nighttime, didn’t she? Though at the daylight she’s also going to RS Dadi, RSWS or medical faculty. And because of the very-very-very long consultancy patient, hence the driver also have a very-very-very long awaiting...

But all of we’ve done is for Ibu, because everything she’s done is for us too
We Love you, Bu

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