Thailand coconut @ Bugis street @ Singapore

Let me tell you a story about dis couple.... Maria Kastengel and Alfonzo

Once upon a time...
the couple was going to the Dreamland and do the window-sale-shopping
They're tired after sale-shopping, so...

... they're going to the Thailand coconut market @ Bugis street @ Singapore
(Let me make all things clear between Thailand and Bugis, it is @ Sing-laaah!)

Maria Kastengel choosed one very tiny Thai-coconut

It's yummy...
sweet sweet Thai Coconut

Maria Kastengel were getting busy on it

Hap hap hap...
"Hey, be patient-laaah!" said Alfonzo, "You will tassakko' becoz of it!"

Maria Kastengel still busy with her sweeet sweeet coconut!
Alfonzo begin angry, "I'm leaving you bekoz you don't care about me anymore!"

"Ya... leave me-laaah, leave me-laaah," Maria Kastengel said loudly and still busy with the coconut
"OKey, so you choose coconut more than me, ya?" said Alfonzo ascertaining, his forehead got full full of wrinkle,
After a very second, he said,
"OKey, I'll selling Thailand coconut @ Bugis Street @ Singapore-laaah, and you'll come back to me, Maria!"

*t h e e n d *


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