The Feeling

I’m Being Richer Today

No one knows the feeling like this,

Nobody could guess how fulfill it is

But I know, I’m being richer cause having it

A day, after the four truly deeply years

A day, after the devious era elapsing by my eyes and heart

The smile is still same

Even the jokes are still yours

The different is just me

I’m unsteady with this sudden comedy

I feel doleful cause do not know is it be eternal

I feel confuse with this rain

It’s beautiful to listening to you again

And spacious to have you again

I know I love you, Honey

The Wife

Dec 16th, 2007

Being confuse is human being

My two hands wiping my face

The condition is amaze and oppressing

and humpty dumpy yummy

No scent floats from the air

And the Father of Sun shining cattish above the cloud

Rain still

But the color becoming warmer brightness

I know, I’m being richer cause having it

There’s no rainbow

But somewhere over the rain

I see the meaning of life

The meaning of my confuse

The reason of a sad tune that played on a flute

No no, please do not move again
Wish that no change on my process

It’ll heal and life

This quiet moment

Rolled on a base of happy

I wish that never end

The smile is still same

Even the jokes are still yours

I’m being richer today to have you back

The Wife
Rainy day on

Be with You is Magic

Those words meaning in feeling to me

I repeated it and repeat again since you left me


Because magic could not be shown everyday

The miracle’ be disappear

The happening of lose its meaning

It’ll chopping around

And changing target

Meaning much to me

Wish to you also

The Wife

Rainy day on

Dec 27th, 2007
End of trilogy

the soul of a surgeon

A surgeon just a human. An ordinary human. A God creature with a blessed job. A creature with many responsibilities.
And I'm a surgeon.
A surgeon (from now, I'll called it with "We") have to promise ev'ryone to do the best thing that we could do for the patient life, for their healthiness, for their conveniencesness!
We've to promise those things, without thinking about ourself, about our need, about our inconvenient!
Some old quote said that a surgeon must have a lion heart, an eagle eye and a ladies hand.What it mean?
We've to have a lion heart, that strong to talking to the patient and the family about the illness, get them the informed concent, doing the operation, and accompanying the patient after operation till he/she's getting well or... (?)
We've to have an eagle eye, that knowing and seeing the signs and the symptoms from a patient, could seeing an anomaly straight to the point and thinking and doing the wayout precisely; We have a quote that "time saving is live saving"! too.
We've to have a ladies hand, that softly handling the scalpel, straight incising the anomalies, evacuating and repairing, calmly controlling the bleed, and beautifully closing the wound.
One horrible sentence : A surgeon have to have an excellent attitude, an excellent knowledge and an excellent skill to do the whole things above!
So help us, God!
~~ my room

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