HKN 51, 12112015

With a black ribbon circling my left arm, because something sad happened before
Doctors are accused in Gratifications problems
Doctors are suspected with many troubles
People did not know what the real story, what is in the real life of each doctor.
A young doctor died a day before HKN, in the middle of duty in Dobo Island, Aru, Maluku
It's very sad because he's just arrived there on May 2015, he's very smart, very humble and looks very happy to lived there with the locals.
When he's sick, the friends want to evacuated him to the bigger Island but he got worst rapidly, though the speedboat was ready to carry him.
He died then

Doctors are ordinaries, could in a happy, sad, healthy, sick conditions in a big town or in Indonesia's rimland out there
So please take a minute to think before say something judging, in this case, about doctors
Many of us are still work even in the bad circumstances bad environtment, we work in the rule, mingled with others without specialities, doing the job, looking for a happy and secure life as a doctor.
And a black ribbon circling our left arm said so

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