Nonstop Rain

The Buginesse said, “When the rain start on Friday, it will end on the next Friday". It’s meaning 1 week full of rain!

Is it true? It's happen sometime!

But this rainy season is very long. Raining all day long. I don't know when it's started. It stopped for a moment, dus its rain again. Nonstop. And a lot of victims occurenced. Start from the floods, broken bridge, sink boat, till the nondrying clothes and the rhinitis!

At the elementary school, there was natural philosophy lesson, it said there are rainy and dry season here in Indonesia, changing every 5 month, with the transition season among the first seasons. So in the next year the season will return in equal. Cycle. Regularly.

It's different now. I don't know how to named this season. When the rain stopped for awhile, the heat temperature is increased, then the overcast came and byuuur… its rain again! Is it the global warming sign? Is it the influence of the ozone damage? Or what?

So, there’s no more "Rain started on Friday, will ended on the next Friday"!

And, the nonstopped rain make us fatigue, sleepy and don’t wanna go anywhere. It’s more comfortable to Leyehleyeh (Javanesse : get lazy, lie down) at home and enjoying a cup of hot tea and banana fries with sambal terasi, yummy!

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