some words for you


are like balloons

once U let them go

U can never bring them back

That's why I will tie Utight in my H E A R T


Troubles as light as air

Love as deep as the ocean

Friends as solid as diamonds

Success as bright as gold

These are my wishes for you

today and forever


Always welcome the morning with a new spirit

a smile on u'r face

love in u'r heart

good thought in u'r mind

and you'll have a wonderful day


I opened my wallet,

found it empty!

I reached in my pocket,

found few coins,

I searched my heart,

found U and our friendship

then I realized and thank GOD : HOW RICH I AM !


Days are 2 busy,

hours are 2 few,

second are 2 fast,

but there is always time 2 say

HAVE A NICE DAY 2 a friend like YOU


Do you know the relation between your 2 eyes?

They blink together,

move together,

cry together,

see things together

and sleep together

Eventhough they never see each other

Friendship should be just like that

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