The Hands

It’s bizzare with my right thumb. I often hold the operation instruments, so now I have an ossify on my right side of my right thumb. Painless, do not bother, but now I like to scrap the ossifying with my right index finger. This generate a bliss for myself, although the ossify do not be quit from my thumb.

Same thing happen with guitar player, his left fingers point(which is not left handed) will ossifying too. So do with people who is using small/tight shoes, there’re ossify area at the outside of feet palm or in tread area of the palm near thumb or heel, or ankle

That shares called clavus. It’s not dangerous, but sometimes, if the ossify shares keep contact with the trauma source, the pain and wound arise. Usually if those things happened we need operation to evacuate ossify area or clean the wound, so that we can avoid infection.

My suggestion for people using small/tight shoes: change it with more soft/wider number shoes

Unhappily, I cannot give good suggestion for myself, because how will I stop holding the operation instruments? It is my job. By keep holding the " trauma source" I could operate, could see the patient heal after operation, and.... can earn money!

UUD yes? Ujungujungnya Duit!

So Help me, God

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