In Memoriam : Pak Chris and Pak Madattu

Pak Chris was our favorite teacher at Nusantara Junior High School. He was teaching Math, the lesson that my friends love, but not to me! I do not interest with number.
But I know, we love him verri mucho!
Because he loves us too!
Although he's always yelling at us, called us Gombal (some kind of stupid) and Kurang Gizi (Malnutrition) when we didn't do the math task or do not want to get any math lesson that day because of boring!
I know, he just wanted to give us sciences, experiences, and the meaning of life.

We have Pak Madattu for Geography lesson
He's calm, never yelled, and never angry to us
He's my favorite teacher, too.
He teach us the soil coats, the erosion, the climate, the weather change, the 7 atmosphere layers, ...
Are there any different between the atmosphere coats and the heaven sky?
On which coats do Pak Madattu now?

I think, Pak Chris and Pak Madattu are watching us now, smiling and knowing that we still love them, miss them, and hoping all the best for them.

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